About Us


It all started when...

I was very young.  My family enjoyed annual trips to Ningaloo.  Possibly the most beautiful place in the world. We lived on sunshine, crayfish, calamari and Mum's special home-made chocolate cheesecake.  She used to tell us that it was her mother's secret recipe and one day she would hand it down to me.

When I was fifteen Mum finally showed me the secret ingredients and carefully watched over me as I made my very first chocolate cheesecake.  I was hooked.  I experimented with the recipe and created my lemon cheesecake.  My family and friends loved it.  I knew I was onto something so I tried a few other flavours and they were all winners.

I met my husband, Kevin, in 2010.  He is pretty handy in the kitchen when it comes to main meals but has no idea how to make dessert.  To spoil him one day I decided to make a cheesecake.  He said he had never tasted anything like it and then proceeded to brag about it to the guys at his favourite pizza shop.  Of course they liked the idea of trying some and of course my husband decided they could.  I married him anyway.

 We started selling my cheesecakes at the Kalamunda markets once a month.  I then paid for a stall at the Manjar markets in Mandurah where my Mum joined me in the growth of my tiny cheesecake business.  While Mum took over the Manjar markets, Kevin and I started a stall at the Canning Vale markets where we still are every Sunday in Bay 406.  

During this time we kept looking for a suitable shop for The Cheesecake Lady's home base.  We finally found it right next door to where we started at my husbands favourite pizza shop..